Emotional Support Animals for Individuals in Dallas, TX

If you’re looking for a companion that you can rely on day-to-day as a source of support through your anxiety or depression, turn to the experts at SJDD Consultancy. Our professional team can evaluate your mental health and determine if you qualify for an Emotional Support Animal. We proudly connect individuals throughout Dallas, Texas, and the surrounding areas with soothing Emotional Support Animals that help them through their daily struggles.

What Is an Emotional Support Animal (ESA)?

An Emotional Support Animal is a devoted companion that offers therapeutic benefits to its owner—this type of therapy has been traced back to the 1940s. Medical practitioners observed the correlation between improved mood, comfort, and interactions in mentally-impaired patients who owned pets.

It's crucial to note that Emotional Support Animals (ESAs) should not be confused with Service Animals, which are specially-trained dogs that assist individuals with disabilities in various tasks.

How Can an ESA Benefit You?

Individuals grappling with mental illness often find substantial relief from their symptoms through their ESAs. AN ESA may help you if you:

  • Experience anxiety or depression
  • Notice that your pet alleviates symptoms of your mental illness
  • Rely on your pet for comfort or affection
  • Believe your pet may qualify as an Emotional Support Animal
  • Seek an evaluation for your pet to become an ESA

Your Path to Relief

If you're contending with depression or anxiety and experience alleviated symptoms due to the companionship and affection of your pet, reach out to SJDD Consultancy today. Our team of licensed mental health professionals specializes in providing screenings to determine if you qualify for one of our compassionate Emotional Support Animals in the Dallas, TX, area.